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Jewellery firm DALYS - manufacture  of medals, lapel pins, badges

Manufacture of medals,
lapel pins, badges

company's style
This site presents just part, not all collection of our products. Don’t hesitate to contact us personally and we will meet all your demands

Product's price for each particular order is determined personally

 To calculate the price we need the following information:

- Product's design (if you have one) in CDR, AI, EPS formats, or other graphic (vector or raster) formats. If you don’t have your own design, we will make it by ourselves according your wishes and demands
- Product’s sizes.
- Material (precious, semi, non-precious metals and stones).
- If you need enamel or other coating.
- Number of pieces.
- Approximate production time.
- Mount type: screw, collet, pin.
- Packing type: from simple to exclusive.
Using this information we will be able to calculate the price for your order.

Jewellery firm "DALYS"®
Address: Nametkina str., 10B, Moscow, Russia, 117429
: +7 (495) 719-7977,  +7 (495) 331-4266


Design and manufacture, from draft till ready-made piece.

Material (precious, semi, non-precious metals and stones.

In our office you can find all the samples of our products